Trusting God’s plan!

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Staying focused on God!

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Dependent on God

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To be loved!

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Being moved by Jesus Christ*

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In Jesus’ footsteps

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The man of my dreams!

Today is the last post of my beautiful family!! This is not just the story about how I met my husband, it’s also a story about how the Lord came and turned my world around!!He made me realize that He can really come and surprise you in any possible way and in ways that you least expect it!! I was one of those people who never believed in blind dates and hated the thought of it!! Well the Lord just came and showed me that if you don’t know what something is about, that you can’t make random statements about it!! I must say, I have learned this in very hard ways but this was one of the easy ones!! Let me take you six years back to where it all began! I was asked to go and have supper with some people (who I now call friends) that I know, but five minutes before hand my parents told me I should just know that it is actually a blind date!! I have never thrown a tantrum but that night I was closer than ever to it!! I couldn’t, not go, so off I went to what I thought, a disastrous night!! I got there and was so nervous, not knowing what to expect!! I got there and the guy was actually handsome, but I was a bit of a rebel so I just made as if he was “okay – looking”!! After a while I actually started enjoying myself and realized that this guy is great!! To my greatest disappointment I got home and found out that he is 13 years older than I am!! Just there and then the rebel came through and I wanted nothing to do with him, even though he was such a great guy!!

If you want to see how it looks when a guy tries to “whoo” a girl you could have just watched him!! He tried everything to get my attention but I didn’t want to know anything!! He phoned me a lot and our 5 minute calls became 30 minute calls and then it became 1 hour calls!! I really liked this guy, but as it works when I started liking him, he had a girlfriend!! I could not believe how I let this guy slip through my fingers!! Well, this is how our relationship worked. I liked him when he had a girlfriend, he like me when I had a boyfriend and in-between when none of us had someone we would see each other, have a blast and move on!! Now I know this sounds terrible, but believe me the best part is still to come!! Our relationship was like a roller coaster it was adrenaline rushes which was great, but we also hurt each other a lot in-between and we also made huge mistakes during this time!! Finally we got to a point where we decided not to speak or to see each other. I felt empty without him. I missed our long chats and the fun times we had together!! It was then that I knew I wanted to be with him forever. I MISSED HIM SO MUCH!!!

Here comes the wonderful part!! During this two years the Lord sent me someone who He knew would be perfect for the time that was lying ahead for me!! The Lord came and rocked my world. I gave my life to Jesus Christ, I got baptized and I went out with a man of God. We were not physical at all and we were obedient to the Lord!! During those two years the Lord came and healed me from my past hurts I had, He came and saved me from a destructive lifestyle and He sent me someone who I could learn from and to show me that there are good men (other than my Father and brother who I think the world of) in this world!! You should just choose them wisely. During this time I learned about fasting and how wonderful it is when you really want to be cleansed by the Lord and to go deeper in your relationship with Him!! One morning I woke up and the Lord told me that I should go on a 21 day fast. Drinking only water is no joke ,but the best part is being so dependent on God and just knowing that He carries you!! Wow, He really is amazing!! During that time the Lord and I went away for 3 days, just the two of us!! To some, this might sound strange but the Lord is really a LIVING God!! During those 3 days he spoke to me about our family, the plans He has for my mom and dad, He spoke to me about my brother and his friend (which was my boyfriend at the time)and the amazing plans He has for them!!! The Lord is really going to use them in amazing ways!! And then… MY WORLD CHANGED!! He told me that my boyfriend and I weren’t meant to spend the rest of our lives together!! Please know that it was still our choice, but I didn’t want to live my life outside of His plan!! I had peace about what He said and that’s what’s wonderful about Him!! He gives you peace at all times!! Like that was not enough, the next day we spent the whole day together and I sat down as my energy levels weren’t very high!! I heard His soft voice and I knew there’s something coming!! He told me that the guy that I had the “roller coaster” relationship with… was my husband if he chose the Lord and lived his life accordingly!! I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry!! I was shocked but through all of this I just experienced His peace!!

Remember that I haven’t seen this guy in two years, so for all that I knew, he was probably married already!! I got home spoke to my boyfriend, had a great chat with him and he agreed that we don’t want to live outside of His will. I was terrified to phone my ex, not knowing what to expect!! When I phoned he didn’t answer so I just thought : “Lord, I did what you said so now it’s out of my hands”. It wasn’t even 5 minutes and he phoned back!! We had a great chat and organized to see each other! He didn’t even know what was going on! We went through a time where we spent two months apart again just to focus on the Lord and to hear what His plans was for us!!It was one the best two months in my life!! I’m really going to make this story a lot shorter but one thing I can tell you is, that if you’re in God’s will, He will let everything fall into place!! I still stand amazed if I think back of what the Lord has done!!!!!Well, Six months after that day that we saw each other again, we got married!! Our wedding day was so beautiful and such a blessing to us both!! Together we stand in unity with Jesus Christ and I can’t imagine it in any other way!! The Lord has changed us both and I have never been in such an awesome relationship with someone, than I am with my husband!!

The Lord has blessed me with a man of God who is the leader in our marriage. He has so much patience with me and makes me feel like a princess. He is a bundle of joy and the Lord’s light shines through him constantly!!!What an awesome man he is!! He treats me with love and respect and I have never been so happy as I am now!! If I think about what we have shared and been through together and the fun we have, I can’t help to want to cry and laugh at the same time!!! The Lord is so amazing and I will forever be thankful for the gift He has given me!! I am so in awe of Him!!

I would like to end this post with a word of encouragement. If you are obedient to the Lord, no matter how strange it seems or unreal, just know that He is always in control and has the best plans for you!! I also want to say that what the Lord says must be line with His Word, the Holy Bible!! He is LOVE, PATIENCE AND PEACE!! If you hear a voice and you don’t have peace about what is said, pray again!! Remember the devil is like a Lion waiting to attack when you’re not even looking!!

This is my story about the gifts that I’ve been given. I am so blessed and so thankful!! Please make time and sit at His feet and find out what He has planned for your life and enjoy the journey with Him!!! You’ll never regret it!!!